Hi Family and Friends! I miss you all so much and feel so loved by all the emails in my mailbox today! I guess it’s only week 2 since I left so you haven’t forgotten about me yet 😉 North Carolina is green! Here you don’t ask IF they’re religious, you ask WHAT church they […]

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We were so excited to get Nyia’s first email home this week! Here it is: Hey ya’ll! Guess what? I’m in a trio! My companion’s names are Sister Spring and Sister Hunt! They are honestly so great. Sister Spring is from Logan, UT and Sister Hunt is from Mesa, AZ. We’re in one room with […]

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Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Tuesday night we got Nyia all packed up and ready to get set apart. Her setting apart was done in Kaysville and it was a beautiful meeting. Nyia was asked to do her first assignment as a full-time missionary and bear her testimony for those in the room. Her testimony was beautiful. She was so […]

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Reporting Wednesday!

Nyia got her call to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission and will be reporting to the Provo MTC this Wednesday, June 10th. Here you will find her weekly updates as well as pictures and other information about Nyia and her adventures in North Carolina! We’re excited to share this awesome experience with you and Nyia […]

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